This is the support page for Metro Midi Keyboard, a Windows 8/WinRT application that could be used as a MIDI Master Keyboard.

You will find here a free application that forwards MIDI message from a Midi instrument on your local network to your PC.

It works with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download MidiUdpRouter.exe

I develop MidiUdpRouter specially for Metro Midi Keyboard, a touch sensitive Midi Master Keyboard for Windows 8 (especially designed for the Microsoft WinRT Surface).

Of coarse, MidiUdpRouter could be used with other instrument (if it sends General Midi message with UDP). Remark: Sysex message are not forwarded.

Example: Using Microsoft WinRT Surface tablet as Midi Master Keyboard


Download MidiUdpRouter.exe and run it (no installation. It is just one executable). 

Usage Instruction

  1. Configure your Master Keyboard.
    Create your MIDI message producer. For example : On your master keyboard (here the Surface Tablet running Metro Midi Keyboard), specify an UDP socket (it must be a free UDP socket. We rate 9000 or higher) and also the IP address of your PC (the PC running MidiUdpRouter.exe).

  2. click image to enlarge

  3. Now, configure MidiUdpRouter on your PC
    With the combo, chose a Midi renderer port installed on your PC (by default, the Sound card has one, but really with bad sound. Other instrument or midi router install some other Midi output ports).
  4. Give the UDP socket to listen.
  5. Click the Start button. MidiUdpRouter.exe is waiting for Midi message to forward).
    The first time you run MidiUdpRouter.exe your firewall will normally ask for authorization. Give access rights inside your private network.

  1. Play and enjoy.
    You have any problem or question, email me at

Big fun playing music with a tablet in Wifi (without cable !!!)

  1. When you close MidiUdpRouter.exe, it will be minimized on the task bar of Windows. Click on icon to display menu.

  1. The next time you launch MidiUdpRouter.exe, it start with the last choices (Midi out port and socket number).