a Strix is a kind of small Owl

StrixDB tools development is motivated by the lack of simple tools to manipulate middle sized RDF graphs. StrixDB is appropriate if you use RDF for interoperability, for graph manipulation, for reasoning, for data driven applications. 

StrixDB provides simple solutions to use RDF without pain  (see Getting Started) :

  • StrixStore : a RDF graph store allowing transactions and rule inference (DOC)
  • VGR (Visual Graph Requestor) another graphical tool to explore RDF graphs.
  • some tools (Lua modules) to parse RDF/XML and download files from internet

Simple because you don't need to bundle together an RDF store, a SQL database, a prolog or a RuleML engine, an Apache server, a Turtle converter and some others tools.

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StrixStore uses a native disk-based triplet storage enabling performances and transactions.

  • support SPARQL 1.0, SPARQL/Update and SPARQL/protocol
  • Datalog rules reasoning integrated in SPARQL.
  • graph comparison functions,
  • build-in Turtle Reader and Turtle Writer,
  • database management through  Lua  API.
  • easy to use and deploy : could be used standalone or as server :
    • with httpd (Apache Web Server) server to :
      • download and upload RDF graphs into the RDF store (in XML or turtle format)
      • make SPARQL and SPARQL/Update HTTP requests (with the SPARQL protocol),
      • respond to HTTP requests with dynamic Lua pages
        • created from Lua scripts or
        • created from files with embedded Lua code.
    • standalone as a Lua module (embedded use).
    • standalone as a standard windows DLL (embedded use from C/C++/Java/etc...).


    2011-04-13 Release 0.94.5: Bug release of RDF store

    First release of VGR (Visual Graph Requestor) a Graphical Interface for SPARQL requests (with energy layout, orthogonal layout and 3D layout). (docs and tutorial coming soon)

    RDF store Release 0.94.4: Bug release (see ChangeLog)

    2011-03-23 Release 0.94.3: Bug release of RDF store
    2011-02-27 Release 0.94 : 64bits upgrade. Delayed commit + backup available.
    2011-01-10 Release 0.93 : now SPARQL protocol use content negotiation.
    2010-12-16 Bug fix release 0.92.3 : XML/RDF parsing error corrected (now could load OWL files).
    2010-11-23 Release 0.92.2 : Bug release of RDF store
    2010-11-22 Bug fix release 0.92.1 : Bug release of RDF store
    2010-11-06 RDF store release 0.92 : StrixDB could be used with APACHE http server. See Getting Started with StrixDB
    StrixServer no more maintained. StrixDB RDF store documentation updated.
    2010-09-02 RDF store release 0.91: improved XML/RDF and RFC 2396 compliance (see more at compliance).
    W3C approved test cases (http://www.w3.org/TR/rdf-testcases/) are all successful parsed.
    2010-07-24 First specification of grdfs Graphical RDFS ontology.
    Now, SPARQL/update LOAD could also use https
    new helper function (dirent) added to webGet
    2010-07-23 webGet tool could now use https protocol.
    2010-07-21 First performances evaluations.
    2010-07-20 Documentation/web site major updates.
    2010-07-14 Release of StrixDB RDF store version 0.9 and documentation of Lua module webGet.